Athletics are an important part of daily life at St. Johnsbury Academy. A large number of our students participate in at least one sport each year and many are three-season athletes. Eligible varsity sports are played at the Division I level, pairing our teams against the most competitive opponents in the state.


Athletic Code

Statement of Philosophy

Our interscholastic athletic program is an extension of our academic program; we view participation in interscholastic athletics as an honor and privilege and we demand commitment and a strong work ethic. Therefore, our student athletes should expect that their involvement in athletics to be an intense educational experience. We recognize that excellence is not easily developed, but we believe that with encouragement, support, hard work, and motivation our student athletes will succeed, not only in competition, but also in life. All student athletes should recognize that involvement in interscholastic athletics, as in life, is a competitive atmosphere, where some excel, and all will benefit by being a member of a team. Student athletes should be able to say they are proud to be a part of St. Johnsbury Academy athletics.




To promote good sportsmanship and ethical conduct by modeling and fostering responsible decision-making, honesty, and respect for self, team, coaches, and opponents.



To provide the enthusiasm and energy to engage athletes in the pursuit of specific knowledge and skills of the sport; to set high but reasonable goals and to know and appreciate their individual talents and unique abilities.



To encourage each individual athlete to understand his or her relationships, rights, and responsibilities within a team that is itself part of the larger community.



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The Academy expressly prohibits the possession of firearms or other dangerous weapons on school property or in vehicles located on school property.


Pets are prohibited at all St. Johnsbury Academy athletic events.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Athletic News

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April 19, 2023


St. Johnsbury Academy is pleased to announce the appointment of Troy Engle to the post of Athletic Director beginning July 1, 2023. Troy will succeed Interim Athletic Director Alan Ruggles in leading all SJA interscholastic athletics.

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December 06, 2022

Support on the Court Celebrates Tenth Year

As seniors presented last Friday, December 2, during St. Johnsbury Academy Capstone Day, we were reminded how some of these projects live on well past graduation.

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July 27, 2022

St. Johnsbury Academy Names New Athletic Director and Field House Director

St. Johnsbury Academy has announced the hiring of Alan Ruggles as the Interim Athletic Director and Kathleen Higgs as the Field House Director. Both positions were recently held by John Lenzini, who began his new role as the school's Associate Headmaster on July 1. 

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April 28, 2022

Tennis Teams Play Mixed Doubles Tournament

To kick off the Spring Break week, the St. Johnsbury Academy varsity tennis teams partnered up to play a mixed doubles tournament on Monday, April 18th. Coaches Dan Bosco and John Sayarath hope the tournament will become an annual event — a way to mix up practices during spring break week.

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November 24, 2021

Meet the Coaches — November 17, 2021

In this video you will hear from SJA Athletic Director John Lenzini, and Assistant Headmaster for Campus Life Beth Choiniere as they discuss the Winter sports season.

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October 27, 2021

HilltopperMTB Concludes First Race Season

On October 16th at Cochran’s Ski Area in Richmond, local mountain bikers Lydia Reimert, Layla McGarvin, and Nora LaValley ended the 4-race season series ranked in the top five in their respective categories.